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We are all about you, the members of our LGBTIQ+ Family!
The Bloomington LGBTIQ+ Center is a place to be you, a place to support your aspirations, a place supported by you, a place to collaborate, share, find inspiration, hold meetings, have office space for your LGBT orgs. We are volunteers dedicated to advancing the quality of life in Monroe County and across the area. Join us in building this long-needed resource.

Since August of 2019, there have been three asks for donations to help get us off the ground. We are beyond grateful for the generosity and trust of these people. We thank everyone here and all who are still donating time, money, and materials!

Erin Adams

Stacey Allen

Susan Anderson

Wade Arvizo

Victoria Berdon

Lauren Bernofsky

Chelsea Campbell

Beth & Nathaniel Clawson

Rose Comaduran

Melanie Davis

Mindy Deno

Aimes Dobbins

Rachel Guglielmo

Rachael Himsel

Tiffany Hite

Jennifer Hottell

Amy Jackson

Rachael Jones

Maddy Kundel

Kit Malone

Lisa Meuser

Angela Monaco

Emily Nehus

Amber Page

Darcee & Kyle Pearson
Credence Richards

Jennifer Phillips Williams

Jean Schrementi

Ryne Shadday

Jeanne Smith

Vic & Joshua Streiff Fraser

Kelly Toto Cucuyo

Danielle Urschel

David Vaughn

Connie Vaughn

Kelly Visser

Rosemary Williams

Toni Wong

And, not least, the generously discarding students and native Bloomingtonians!

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